Traditional Dentures

in Davie, FL

A Complete Restoration for Your Smile

Missing a majority of your natural teeth may have you convinced that a beautiful smile is just out of your reach. At Davie Advanced Dentistry, Davie, FL restorative dentist, Dr. Bill Abbo, and our team of dedicated dental professionals can make your dream smile a reality with comfortable dentures. Unlike other restorations or fixtures, dentures provide patients with convenience and affordability that just can’t be beat. Read our guide to learn how your oral health can receive quality restorative care from some of Florida’s top-rated dentists.

What Are Custom Dentures?

Dentures are custom-made dental prosthetics designed to replace your missing teeth. Advancements made in dental technology have allowed dentures to be more secure and lifelike than ever. Dr. Abbo and our team are dedicated to customizing your set of dentures for a dazzling smile.

A man is eating an apple. He has stunning teeth from visiting his dentist.

The Benefits of Using Custom-Made Dentures

Receiving dentures can instantly restore your entire smile. This makes them a convenient and effective solution for patients missing most of their teeth. Some of the advantages of receiving dentures include:

  • Restore functionality to your smile
  • Speak easily and with more confidence
  • Maintain the entire structure of your face
  • Cost-effective restorative solution

Dentures: Are You the Perfect Candidate?

You’re an ideal candidate for dentures if most or all of your teeth are missing. Other qualities to consider include:

  • Wanting a beautiful smile
  • Missing most or all of your teeth
  • Healthy jaw mass and gum tissue
  • Struggles with dental sensitivity

Contact our Davie, FL office by dialing (954) 434-3331 to schedule your initial consultation with one of our dentists. They’ll be able to evaluate your smile and review your medical history to determine whether your smile can benefit from these convenient fixtures.

Caring for Your Dentures

Taking careful and consistent care of your dentures will allow them to last for up to 15 years. To clean your fixtures, gently remove your dentures and brush them once a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush as well as a denture cleaner. At night, soak your dentures in a denture-cleaning solution. Be sure to rinse your dentures out with cold water after eating. Dr. Abbo will also thoroughly clean your dentures during your regular checkups to remove any bacterial build-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to schedule an initial consultation with your dentist so that they can help you determine which type of dentures are right for you. This can include evaluating your oral health, reviewing your medical history, as well as taking impressions of your teeth. Ultimately, deciding which type of dentures are right for you is a decision that’s made between you and your dentist.

Dentures are designed to look just like your natural teeth, creating a complete smile you can show with confidence. Your dentist will take into consideration your oral cavity to create a fixture that best fits the structure of your smile. That way, you’ll be confident in knowing that you’ll have a restoration that’s comfortable and tailored to your unique aesthetic and oral health needs.

Contact your dentist if your dentures break or become damaged. It’s important you don’t try fixing them on your own as this can damage your fixture or your oral cavity. Your dentist will most likely provide you with a replacement fixture so that you can get back to enjoying your smile.

The average age of people who get dentures is around 40 to 49 years old. This is due to teeth naturally wearing out over time. However, there are people from various age groups who get dentures due to a variety of reasons. This can include extensive tooth decay or dental injury.

Find the Right Dentures With Dr. Abbo

Dentures can completely restore your smile and make a difference in your life. If you’ve been struggling with missing teeth, then now’s the time to start your dental journey. Call our Davie, FL office at (954) 434-3331 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your appointment with Dr. Abbo. Our team warmly welcomes patients living in Cooper City, Driftwood, and Boulevard Heights, FL. We look forward to helping you restore your beautiful smile!