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Our team of experienced and compassionate dentists aims to provide you with a healthy and long-lasting smile no matter what dental issues you’re facing. Our entire Davie dental team are experts in their field and are skilled in numerous procedures that can get you back to smiling without pain or worry.

Oral surgery isn’t a subject patients tend to love, but at Davie Advanced Dentistry we’ll make your experience as streamlined and comfortable as possible while providing top-notch care. Learn more about the various procedures we offer by reading our patient-friendly guide below.

Tooth Extraction

If a patient is suffering from severe tooth damage, decay, or impaction, they may require an extraction. This technique is also utilized to prevent overcrowding in the mouth.

We can provide dental sedation to ease this process for you and help alleviate any stress during the extraction. We’ll be attentive to your pain and stress levels during and after the procedure to ensure you’re relaxed and comfortable. Our service isn’t just about dental work— it’s about making sure you feel content and relaxed as well.

Delaying a tooth extraction can have considerable consequences for your health. If you’ve been recommended to undergo an extraction, seek dental help immediately and avoid further oral problems.

Bone Grafting

Our oral health can start to decline for several reasons, and when this happens, the jawbone and gumline often begin to erode. Losing this foundation is detrimental to your overall health. Dr. Abbo can use a graft to restore your damaged or decayed bone. This involves using a bit of existing tissue to stimulate the bone and promote regeneration.

Root Canal Therapy

Likely the most infamous oral surgery procedure, root canal therapy is the best option for rescuing a badly infected tooth and relieving intense oral pain. This is also known as endodontic treatment. A root canal is needed when a cavity’s infection spreads to the center of the tooth, infecting the root and causing severe pain. During this procedure, Dr. Abbo and our team will remove the pulp inside the tooth, clean, disinfect, and shape the root canals, and place a filling.

Post-Operation for Oral Surgery

The first few days and weeks after oral surgery are the most crucial in the recovery process. Always make sure to follow Dr. Davie’s post-op instructions, as they’re key to a healthy, uncomplicated recovery. If a patient follows these instructions and comes into our Davie office for check-up appointments, they’ll almost certainly experience a smooth recovery and be able to return to their regular routine quickly.

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No matter what circumstances may land you in our office, our team of dedicated dental experts will get you the help you need. Dental surgery can be daunting to some, but we’ll provide a comfortable and safe experience. We’ll have you back to a healthy, happy smile as soon as possible.

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