Pediatric Dentistry in Davie, FL

Gentle Dentistry for Your Child

It’s never too early to start caring for your child’s teeth. At Davie Advanced Dentistry, our dentists deliver comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages. We know that the first visit to the dentist can be scary. That’s why we’ll make sure your child experiences a safe and pleasant environment so that they can be more confident in their oral health. On top of that, we have a relaxed attitude and love working with kids in keeping their smiles healthy.

Our team of dentists will carefully explain all of our treatments to both parents and children. Read below to learn more about our pediatric dental services. We proudly serve patients in the Cooper City, Driftwood, and Boulevard Heights, FL areas.

The Importance of Dentistry for Kids

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with children’s oral health from birth through adolescence. Instilling healthy oral hygiene habits early helps ensure your child’s smile has fewer issues in the future. If your child is seen regularly by one of our dentists, we can track their development and ensure their teeth stay healthy for a lifetime.

Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends that children should have their first dental visit between the time their first tooth erupts and their first birthday. Even baby teeth have several important functions for your child, such as helping them chew properly, maintain their nutrition, develop their speaking skills, and build confidence.

Bringing your child to our Davie, FL practice earlier in their life will also serve to reduce their nervousness about receiving dental care. Once their primary teeth start to come in, they should visit for an evaluation with our expert dentists. We’ll get a head start on maintaining your child’s oral health and show them that the dentist’s office is a comfortable setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your child should start flossing once their primary teeth begin to touch each other. This will generally occur around two years old. Flossing can be difficult at first, so your child may require your help. With dedication and guidance from you and our expert dentists at Davie Advanced Dentistry, they’ll learn the right techniques and dental habits for the long run.

Routine checkups with your child’s pediatric dentist only need to be scheduled twice a year. This is the same for adult patients as well. Our dentists will examine the progress of your child’s teeth such as how they are erupting, and crowding, while also providing them with a thorough dental cleaning. We’ll also provide them with instructions on proper oral hygiene habits.

Taking your child to their first dental appointment as soon as possible can help instill a proactive oral hygiene regimen, including brushing their teeth and flossing. It’s also important to provide guidance when it comes to maintaining these habits. Try to brush your teeth with them each night at the same time for further positive reinforcement.

If your child’s thumbsucking habits last for an extended period of time, then it may cause crowding or smile alignment issues. It’s most important once their primary teeth come in, and we can help by recommending an oral appliance if the habit continues to persist. We encourage you to contact our Davie, FL practice for a consultation by calling (954) 434-3331.

Friendly Pediatric Care at Davie Advanced Dentistry

Give your child the head start they deserve for a lifetime of confident smiles. Our team of specialized dentists looks forward to having your kids come in and helping them maintain their beautiful pearly whites. Most of all, we want to show them a positive dental experience so that they’re excited to come back for future checkups.

The best way to prevent dental issues is by regularly visiting our Davie, FL office. To get your child started on their dental journey, call us at (954) 434-3331. We proudly serve patients in the Cooper City, Driftwood, and Boulevard Heights, FL areas.